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Our Free Shipping Policy

Receive FREE GROUND SHIPPING on select marked items when you spend $100 or more. It is available for online orders of at least $100 that go to a single U.S. address. This offer applies to U.S. delivery addresses in the 48 states. Sometimes, at our disgretion it is not valid on special orders or discounted orders. More than 90% of our products are eligible for FREE SHIPPING, however there are a few exceptions. 

Our policy excludes enhanced shipping options, such as "Next-Day Air" or "Second-Day Air", for as you can imagine, FED-EX and UPS cost a ton when you want it fast. Everyone knows that - so let's all be real and understand that we can only do what we can do when it comes to covering the cost of getting your item to you like... TOMORROW! We'll do our best to get you what you need in the fastest means possible but that means you have to do your part too...as in being realistic about delivery services that have firm built-in delivery costs we couldn't budge, even if we had a bulldozer on hand!

"Freight" items are a trickey deal. No other vendor is going to explain it to you but we will! The bottom line is that for some items, like entertainment centers that have alot of glass shelving - they MAY BE LIGHT WEIGHT enough to ship UPS or FED-EX ground, but most manufacturers have long ago found that there is NO PROTECTION when shipping fragile items this way. Due to trial and error mainly, many manufacturers list certain products as LTL only or NON-UPS-able. In this case, we can't just quickly calculate ship costs like everybody else can too through UPS and FED-EX. Let's face it, those guys are the biggies. They've got their 'stuff' down, right to the mere penny. But when a manufacturer says NO, we heed their instructions. We then must depend on a multitude of carriers and private trucking companies who have been hired by the manufacturers to make their deliveries. Each order is assessed by weight, dimensions, transit speed requests by our customers and the distance location from warehouse to final destination. Each manufacturer has different policies pertaining to that and guess what? We MUST adhere to them if we are to do business with them! So we only pass the ship costs direct to you. We don't price gouge when it comes to shipping! But sometimes, an item you may feel should have had a cheaper ship cost, really couldn't even get to you were it not for the LTL/Freight trucking companies.

When you receive an LTL item, even from UPS or FED-EX, oftentimes we have pre-paid your freight fees, as part of our deal with manufacturers. Freight and LTL deliveries are often deliveries meant only for the curb. If you want it carried into your house and up the stairs, there is what is known as a 'White Glove' service. You can request it of the delivery service if you have not ordered that through our website, however, just know that you will receive a separate bill from that delivery company for that service. It has been known that some deliverymen scheduled to deliver to curb, smile and offer to cart the item in. Then suddenly, the customer is delivered a bill the next week and the deliveryman is gone, never to be seen again! If you did not order WHITE GLOVE service, or inquire about it ahead of time,

Pay attention to the details of your ordered item. We try to list as much as we can in terms of product descriptions and ship policies, per item. Sometimes manufacturers don't provide us with alot of detail on their products. We're not just going to fill in the lines and conjure up non-existent details! We provide what's been provided to us! That includes shipping terms.

Please note that EliteHomeStyle.com reserves the right to change or discontinue this free shipping offer at any time.

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